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Related post: Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 20:01:27 EDT From: Double A Subject: Raven Hair(30)Disclaimer: After a hiatus of sorts, I am back with another story! Yay! Anyway, due to personal problems, I've been unable/unwilling to write fashion models much of anything for a long time. Here is a new story from me to you. For those of you who know my style and enjoy it, child modell you should really like this one. Like I said, though, I haven't written anything for a while, so I russia young models may be a bit rusty. For those who don't know my style, I tend to use a lot of build-up and "storyline". So, if you came on to find a story for a quick jack-off, then this probably ain't for you. 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I mean, you were annoying and depressing and, sometimes, I just couldn't bear to be around you, you were so annoying teen latina models and depressing, and I thought that was what I hated about you, but it turns out that it's what I loved most about you, Dave!" David was confused, "You mean, you loved that was annoying and depressing?" Aaron laughed, "No, of course not! What I loved, was that you didn't toss any lines children model ilegal at me or try to woo me. You didn't care if you were annoying white teen modeles the fucking shit out of me, but you just acted *you*! It was who *you* were, not some guy who was trying to impress me. I mean, it was okay when we were still friends and hadn't established our relationship yet, but even after we started using the words "boyfriend" and "gay", you didn't change, nn online models Dave! You remember how we acted in public and you must of known litle teeny models that there could have been a hundred guys who I could have left you for...Guys who would have slept with me and had sex with me and been really nice, until I got to know them and found out what shits they were. You weren't like that. You loved me, but you never treated me like a vlads models gallery boyfriend...You treated me like your best friend. I mean, we could kiss until we were sweaty and hard and just itching to fuck each other, yet you would fart in front of me, and sometimes chew with your mouth open, and laugh when I trip and fall.. You weren't embarrassed or modest or anything. You felt you had nothing to prove to me and nothing to impress me with. And...I don't know why, but I found that it was one of the things I really liked about you. Sure, you constantly worried that you were an inch away from losing me and, fuck, you even beat up Mike because of me, but you had no idea that any of the things you used to do in front of me, could have possibly contributed to me hating you!" David was still confused, and getting a bit angry, "So, you loved me, because I was naive?" Aaron shook his head, "Don't you get it, Dave? I could have let any of those things make me hate you, but in the end, it was my own stupidity that made me act like I did, not anything that you did. Those things you said before, about not being able to live without me and model girl nonude whatever...Well, sexybrunettemodels I eventually began to feel that way too! The things I did for you...well...You did similar things for me. So, when my bubby asked me where you were...Well, that was like the straw for me...I mean, I cried so hard that night, partly because I knew that she was almost dead, but also because I nudes pretteens models just missed you so much. ambrocombie male model I mean, I don't know what happened in BC or whatever, but I'm thinking that maybe you being here and me feeling the way I full nippled models am, could possibly be fate. Maybe somebody up there is trying empire teen models to tell us that we deserve each other." Finally, David smiled and nodded, "Yeah, Aar...I think we do deserve each other. I don't care what you or anybody says about anything; you were always my love and bikini riot models I never stopped loving you." Aaron smiled, davinci model "I guess I never stopped loving you either. I just wish I had realized that a couple of years ago." David shrugged, uk teen models "So do I. It would have meant a lot less problems for me." Aaron smiled and child models in hugged David, "I'm asia top models sorry, sweetheart. I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't mean to make you cry." David smiled and looked at Aaron, "Do you mean that or are you just saying it because it's in a Cher song?" Aaron stepped back and shrugged, "Well, if I could reach the stars, I *would* give them all to you! It would be the least that ls dyna model I could do." David growled and chased Aaron as he took off up University street. The two of them stopped outside 2001 University. Aaron turned to David and said, "Here's the first stop on our nostalgia tour." David smiled, "Great, now I can relive sexy model videos the misery that you caused me." "Bear with me for a lingerie model agencies bit." Aaron reassured, "At least now I'm with you." "For now." David whispered to himself, as he followed Aaron up the stairs and into 2001 University, better known as the London Life Centre. "The Radio Shack is still here." Aaron said, as he walked, nude model sex "and the convenience store with the Chinese guy, but the other places are all closed. Oh, the student Movie 3d models barber is still open too." David followed Aaron through the double doors and into the food court. Aaron walked through and entered the seating area of Burger King. "And, here we virginity naked littlegirlsmodels have a seat that you might be familiar with." Aaron said, as they approached the bench at the back. David nodded, smiling, "Yeah, that's teenmodels forbidden where you and Mike and Alex sat, when you made me try the cigarette and I nearly bust a lung." Aaron nodded, laughing, "Yup! You really proved that day that smoking isn't for you. And so, I'd like to apologize african young models for asking you to try it. David, I'm really, really sorry for asking you to try smoking. It's an awful habit and I'm glad I decided to give it up, before I became addicted like an idiot. Not teen modeling swimsuits Alex, though. He's gone on to be a lung cancer candidate, for sure." "You still speak to Alex?" David asked. Aaron shrugged, "Yeah, and John. Alex cut his hair and let it go back littleteen model to its natural sandra nonude model colour. As it turns out, it's red." "Oh cool!" David exclaimed. Aaron smiled and nodded, "Anyway, if we could, I'd like for us to go to MIND, so I can apologize preeten models art for model thumbs the 3d porn model things I did there." David shook his head, model cars spitfire "Aaron, I mean, I love you...I really love you, but I just can't bear to go near MIND." Aaron nodded and took David's hand, "I understand, sweetie. In that case, let me just apologize right here, then, for everything that I did at MIND, that made you sad." "That's a lot." David said, smirking. Aaron nodded, naked model actress his face a mask of seriousness, "I know, Dave. I know, and I'm really and truly sorry." David nodded, "Thanks, I guess." cp porn models Aaron nodded and said, "It's okay. little model young Umm...There's one place that I really xam models would like for us to go. The last place, where pic alimodelo I'd like to apologize for one of the biggest mistakes that I made with our relationship." David shrugged, "You want to go up to the sugar shack?" Aaron smiled, but shook amateur young model his head, "I don't think we have time, but I *am* really, really sorry chinnese teen models about what happened there. I'd like to go to the park, near the Vendome Metro, if it's okay with you." David sighed and nodded, "Actually, I'd really like that." Aaron smiled, "Okay, and after that, do you want to come over and stay the night?" David smiled and nodded, "I'd really like that too." So, Aaron and David headed up University street and caught the McGill Metro. At Lionel Groulx, they switched over and stopped at thai model nude Vendome. After walking up the street and down a bit, they arrived at the park. Aaron led David through it until the large modelling jobs sexy clearing beside the statue. Turning around, he said, "David, this is where you fought Mike, hoping to win my affection. Instead, the only thing that happened, was that I told you that you and I were over. I don't agree with fighting, but even I should have acknowledged your efforts. Hell, I shouldn't have put you in a position to fight for me, anyway, but I did and I'm sorry. And, of course, I'm really, really sorry for breaking up ls models board3 with you. After you beat up that prick, Mike, I amateur shemale models should have taken you in amateur panty models my arms and kissed your face again and again." David nodded, "Thank you, Aaron. That means a lot to me. I...I can't forgive everything you've colombian lingerie models done just yet, but I want you to know how much your apology means to me. Aaron nodded and, walking forward, grabbed David's hips and, leaning in, kissed him. They remained kissing for several seconds, before Aaron separated from him and said, "I'm really sorry, David, kidys naked model and you have every right not to forgive me just lollita free model yet. I just wanted to know...that I'm sorry." David smiled and pretenn model planted a hot 14yo model fast kiss on Aaron nose, then said, "Can we go to bed now?" Aaron squeezed David's hand and said, small plastic models "Of course." With that, the two of them walked back through the park, toward the metro. They took Venedome up one station to Villa Maria, and got on the 24 bus, which would take them to Aaron's dad's place. On the way, Aaron turned to David and said, "You amateur model association know, my dad always liked you." David smiled, "He did?" Aaron nodded, "Yeah, but as friends. I don't know how he'll react to us being boyfriends." David shrugged, "What did he think of it before?" Aaron smiled and shook his nudemodel photos head, "David, we weren't boyfriends before. We were kids who were "experimenting", as he called it. *Now* we're going to be real boyfriends and...well...I dunno young nude model how he'll take it. How will your mom take it?" David smiled, "Pretty good, I hope, but it's not like I care."
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